Sugaring Is Far Superior, Than Waxing!



Of course you're curious as to what sugar I am alluding to. Its called body sugaring, have you heard about? Well not many persons have. Body sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of removing unwanted hair using a paste made with sugar as its main ingredient, along with lime and water for consistency. This paste is then molded on to the skin a number of times, each time it is being molded allowing the sugar to seep down into the hair follicle catching hair growth at a very early stage. This technique is absolutely amazing, at the same time very difficult to learn. If not done properly, one can experience bruising, ingrown hair and unnecessary pain. That is why one must be properly train before attempting to sugar anyone.


When last your skin felt baby soft and smooth? Well no need to wait any longer, you can experience it with body sugaring, you'll love it. If you're being waxed and wants to know what's the difference. There isn't any comparison, it is far superior. Why not consider some advantages of body sugaring. They are as follows:


Pure and Natural Ingredients

The paste is so natural, you can EAT it!  That is far from true with wax.


It Is Not Hot

Sugar paste is applied at body temperature, it will not burn you. Your own body temperature melts the sugar paste. Hot wax can cause burning and scarring. Overtime abuse to the underlying connective tissues can cause wrinkling, especially in the lip and brow areas.


It Will Not Stick To the Skin


Waxing damages the skin by adhering not only to dead skin cells, but also to live skin cells, but sugar can not. While removing the hair, the sugar exfoliates the dead skin cells, allowing ingrown hair to surface. This treatment again, unlike waxing is safe to perform on persons with dry skin disorders, like eczema, and psoriasis. It can be applied over the same area several times without damage to the skin.  Wax cannot be applied several times in the same area.



It Is Easier To Clean Up

Sugar is water soluble; it can easily be cleaned up off your skin with water. Unlike wax, you will never feel sticky after treatment.



It Never Dries

The sugar paste can be used over an entire area without ever having to get more.


It Will Not Break As Many Hairs


The sugar paste as it is molded on to the skin, it wraps around the hair shaft making it pliable, seeping below the hair follicle and lubricating the hair to make the extraction easier with less discomfort.



It Is More Sanitary

Sugar does not cause bacteria; it is unable to breed in the jar. Sugar was used to heal wounds during the Civil War to prevent infection and promote healing.



Can Extract Very Short Hairs


With Advanced Sugaring Technique, hair can be extracted as soon as one to two days after shaving. However, it is recommended for optimum results to wait up to days after shaving.


Wax products requires at least two to three weeks of growth before treatment when a client is shaving.



It Leads to Permanency


Hair growth lessens after a number of treatments. The hair texture is more refine as it grows. When sugaring, hair is removed at a very early anagen phase of hair growth, which can lead to permanency. The results are far superior to waxing.


Which Areas Can Be Sugared?

Your whole body can be sugared. The most popular sugaring services are:


*Full and Semi-Brazillian Bikini (for women)

*Full Legs

*Under Arms


*Facial Hair




For further information please contact:

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Body Sugaring Expert

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